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Crown Cream

Shampoos, conditioners and even hair oils today are loaded with chemicals that damage your hair and scalp. Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetic products along with pollution weakens the hair shaft, dry up the scalp-making one prone to dry scalp,dandruff, split ends and hair loss. The good news is - this condition can be reversed, though it may take months before the healthy hair is restored. Crown Cream Actively works on scalp and makes it healthy quickly. Crown Cream is the best solution for dandruff problem and its anti-recurrence formula prevents dandruff from coming back. Crown Cream opens up the skin pores, stimulate the hair follicle to grow new strands in place of the lost hair With regular use of Crown Cream hair becomes healthy and soft.

Khushbu Hair Care

Many companies today are advocating HERBAL SOAPS although they are not free from the harmful chemical mixture, which kills the major benefits of the Ayurvedic / Herbal component. Hence they are not pure. Soaps can only be made mixing an ACID with Base + Fat. Shampoos have sodium larylsulphate to give rich foam. Use of chemical product- SOAPS / SHAMPOOS is associated with several side effects, sometimes they are severe, especially for the people suffering with ailments related to skin such as Eczemas / allergies.


Pain is troublesome… the source & intensity doesn’t matter. Allopathic “Pain Killers” control pain, by enhancing the pain bearing capacity - in the process harming the body with numerous side effects. All “Oral Medications” cause (Hyper) Acidity & Severely impact the liver function. Niram is a topical application and SRB’ flagship product. Niram is Safe (no side effects), Simple (to Use) yet very Powerful in giving relief. Niram is COOL when applied… hence patients doesn’t undergo that stinging sensation. Niram gives relief in 20 mins of application, Renews the joints,muscles to provide a permanent cure.


Liver is a most vital but highly under-appreciated organ. Liver processes nutrients and minerals from the food and gets rid of all the toxins and microbes. Liver is extremely vulnerable to a variety of metabolic, toxic, microbial, circulatory and cancerous elements of allopathic medication. LivLot100 abbreviates to “Liver Induced Vitality & Longevity Obtained Through… 100%”. Stimulates Liver to function to its optimal level. LIVOT-100 protects liver from the onslaught of poisonous items we consume in our food – called Residual pesticides.

Ananda Cream

Cuts, Wounds, Burns & Cracks are common & unavoidable, Un-attended, they lead to further complications. The damaged cells need to be regenerated on priority, besides the process of natural healing has to be initiated. Ever wonder why there are different products for cuts, burns,cracks? Mainstream bio medicinal products fails in treating the root cause. Ananda Cream combines herbal extracts that have Anti-bacterial, Anti-fungal Anti-septic apart from healing properties. Provides the necessary nutrients to help regeneration of damaged tissues. Heals the area so cleanly without any trace of it after the usage.

Sleep well

Sleeplessness is a growing phenomena across all age groups and Sleep problems in the elderly are NOT a normal part of aging. Sleeplessness lead to several medical and psychosomatic disorders -including functional impairment while awake. Allopathic “Sleeping Pills” come with significant risks and side effects (e.g.: Quickly Build Up a Tolerance, Drowsy Driving, Erratic Behavior, Side Effects, Cancer and Death). SleepWell cream is a Natural Solution for Chronic Poor Sleep. Massaging SleepWell cream on the scalp induces sleep, that is normal,stress free. Benefits of Restful Sleep: Increased mental awareness, concentration, focus, improved memory. Body energized, alert; less potential for accidents. Reduced risk of illness, disease.

Akri Plus

Akri is most effective in diabetes effective in asthma;cancer;colic


The name Sutwak is derived from two Sanskrit words “Su” (good)“Twak” (skin). Sutwak makes the skin radiant and glowing, naturally. Sutwak removes the excess concentration of pigments & toxic substances settled in the skin and allows the skin to breath oxygen. Sutwak with the best combination of herbal ingredients works as blood purifier. Sutwak helps improve complexion and gives glow to the skin. Sutwak removes the excess concentration of pigments & toxic substances settled in the skin and allows the skin to breath oxygen.

Khushbu Skin Care

Regular Soaps & Shampoos contain chemicals (for artificial fragrance/ colors). Chemicals in soaps/ shampoos react with chlorine in tap water to produce dioxins. Dioxins causes cancer, nerve disorders and weaken the immune system. Foam from soaps blocks the skin pores and accumulates heat making users perspire more and adds stinking smell to the sweat. Khushbu Herbal powders provides great bathing experience - keeping one fresh and light through out the day. Khusbu Herbal powders conditions the skin by regulating natural oils. Cleanses sweat pores, removes excess heat from body (less sweating) and removes smell from sweat. Protects skin from allergies, itches and sunburns - removes color patches from the skin.