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Pain is troublesome… the source & intensity doesn’t matter. Allopathic “Pain Killers” control pain, by enhancing the pain bearing capacity - in the process harming the body with numerous side effects. All “Oral Medications” cause (Hyper) Acidity & Severely impact the liver function. Niram is a topical application and SRB’ flagship product. Niram is Safe (no side effects), Simple (to Use) yet very Powerful in giving relief. Niram is COOL when applied… hence patients doesn’t undergo that stinging sensation. Niram gives relief in 20 mins of application, Renews the joints,muscles to provide a permanent cure.

    • Condition
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Brand
    • Sree rakhadi
    • Used For
    • muscular pains
  • Rohini prathaban

    Sir what is the composition of this balm niram

    Dr rohini prathaban

    Sir please tell me the composition of pain balm