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Khushbu Hair Care

Many companies today are advocating HERBAL SOAPS although they are not free from the harmful chemical mixture, which kills the major benefits of the Ayurvedic / Herbal component. Hence they are not pure. Soaps can only be made mixing an ACID with Base + Fat. Shampoos have sodium larylsulphate to give rich foam. Use of chemical product- SOAPS / SHAMPOOS is associated with several side effects, sometimes they are severe, especially for the people suffering with ailments related to skin such as Eczemas / allergies.

    • Condition
    • Use of Herbal powders over thousands of years for bathing has established their safely, advantages and ability to beautify the Skin.
    • Brand
    • Khushbu-Hair Care
    • Used_For
    • Regulates natural oils of the skin.
      Conditions the skin soft and shining like silk.
      Cleanses sweat pores regulates sweating.
      Removes bad odors from sweat and excessive heat from body.
      Clears tiredness after any hectic schedule.
      Keeps you fresh & light throughout the day.
      Protects from Dhobi itch, skin allergies and sunburns.
      Forget the itch due to under garments from now.
      Removes color patches from the skin improves complexion in a short time.
      Improves the natural fragrance of your body.