Skin care

Pimples, Pigmentation’s, under eye blackness, Black heads, wrinkles on the skin / face and poor complexion / pale skin are worrying you??

These are the concern for the young, because they make the young look ugly & older.  Most available creams lure them showing glamorous models.  Individual’s trials even though long are in vain.

Sutwak offers – Anti-wrinkle & Anti-acne treatment that effectively clears the colour patches and give youthful look is all that any one desire.


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Khushbu Skin Care
    Regular Soaps & Shampoos contain chemicals (for artificial fragrance/ colors). Chemicals in soaps/ shampoos react with chlorine in tap
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    The name Sutwak is derived from two Sanskrit words “Su” (good)“Twak” (skin) Sutwak makes the skin radiant and
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Ananda Cream
  Cuts, Wounds, Burns & Cracks are common & unavoidable. Un-attended, they lead to further complications.  The damaged cells need to
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