Khushbu Skin Care


 Khushbu Herbal powders provides great bathing experience


Regular Soaps & Shampoos contain chemicals (for artificial fragrance/ colors). Chemicals in soaps/ shampoos react with chlorine in tap water to produce dioxins. Dioxins causes cancer, nerve disorders and weaken the immune system. Foam from soaps blocks the skin pores and accumulates heat making users perspire more and adds stinking smell to the sweat. Khushbu Herbal powders provides great bathing experience – keeping one fresh and light through out the day. Khusbu Herbal powders conditions the skin by regulating natural oils. Cleanses sweat pores, removes excess heat from body (less sweating) and removes smell from sweat. Protects skin from allergies, itches and sunburns – removes color patches from the skin

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