Traditional Medical Systems, like Ayurveda, remain important resources of healthcare worldwide in spite of increasing access to modern/ mainstream biomedicine.Selected techniques of traditional medical practices are part of the health regimen of people throughout the world.With increased interest and access to healing practices that are radically different from modern/ mainstream biomedicine, more people are inclined to get to natural healing processes.

The challenge today is to find pertinent ways to adapt Ayurveda to the modern world without it being overshadowed by conceptual frameworks alien to it.Sree Rakhadi Bio Pharmaceuticals brings forth the fundamental spirit of Ayurveda’s methodology and the modern technological processes to standardize and simplify the 4000 years of wisdom of holistic healing.

We call this Tradition Simplified!!!

  Pain is troublesome… the source & intensity doesn’t matter. Allopathic “Pain Killers” control pain, by enhancing the pain bearing capacity
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Ananda Cream
  Cuts, Wounds, Burns & Cracks are common & unavoidable. Un-attended, they lead to further complications.  The damaged cells need to
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  Liver is a most vital but highly under-appreciated organ. Liver processes nutrients and minerals from the food and gets rid
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Crown Cream
    Shampoos, conditioners and even hair oils today are loaded with chemicals that damage your hair and scalp. Harmful Chemicals
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  Sleeplessness is a growing phenomena across all age groups and Sleep problems in the elderly are NOT a normal
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    The name Sutwak is derived from two Sanskrit words “Su” (good)“Twak” (skin) Sutwak makes the skin radiant and
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Akri plus
    Akri is most effective in diabetes effective in asthma;cancer;colic
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Khushbu Hair Care
    Many companies today are advocating HERBAL SOAPS although they are not free from the harmful chemical mixture, which
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Khushbu Skin Care
    Regular Soaps & Shampoos contain chemicals (for artificial fragrance/ colors). Chemicals in soaps/ shampoos react with chlorine in tap
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